Monday, May 3, 2010

What is MOMIJI natural®

What is MOMIJI natural®?

MOMIJI Natural (R) is a washable and reusable menstrual pad

specially made of 100% cotton fabric.

Its high absorbent power and special leak-proof lining

make you safer and more convenient.

It can be folded into small,

so it’s very easy to carry in your handbag and

change it at your school or office.

How is MOMIJI Natural® so good?

- It makes your blood flow naturally as it should be.

- It causes no health problems.

- It’s body & environment friendly.

- It’s cute, soft and comfortable.

- By washing at every periods,it will fit your body more & more like your favorite clothes.

Why is MOMIJI Natural® popular in many countries?

- It makes you feel secure of allergy and other side- effects on your body.

- MOMIJI Natural(R) lasts for 5-6 years and

it saves a large amount of money.

- No need to keep in mind whether your pads are

out of stock or not.

MOMIJI natural (R) never leaves you.

- Since it can be nicely folded with buttons fastened,

it's handy to carry even after use.

- You can buy it to suit your body size and flow level.

So, Use MOMIJI natural® and be proud of

- Not contributing to environmental pollution.

- Saving money.

- Using something natural and healthy.

- Feeling safe and fresh.

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