Monday, October 24, 2011

PRE- ORDER!! Digital Ear Infrared IR Thermometer Adult Baby Portable / INFRA-RED EAR THERMOMETER

Berminat utk mencari Ear Thermometer utk anak anda?
Skrg kami membuat pre-order utk termometer ni.

Hanya buat deposit pembayaran sebanyak 50% dan selebihnya akan dibayar selepas brg sampai ke tangan sy & ready utk pos.

Harga retail RM90-RM100
PM sy di fb @ emel sy: utk harga yg TERBAIK!!

Digital Ear Infrared IR Thermometer Adult Baby Portable / INFRA-RED EAR THERMOMETER

Type:Household Thermometers
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Model Number:#796
Brand Name:hlcs
Thermometer Type:Digital
Thermometer Use:Ear Thermo
Package Weight:0.15kg (0.331lb.)
Package Size:10cm x 10cm x 10cm

1.Press the ON/recall button to turn on the thermometer.
2.Press the scan button,release it.when you hear a beep sound, the measurement is complete.
3.Press the On/recall button continously for the last ten memories(NO.9-NO.0)will take turns to display on the LCD.
4.After one minute if not in use, it will shut off automatically.

1.Display range:34.0'C-44'C(93.2'F~111.2'F)
3.Min Scale :0.1'C/0.1'F
4.Memory:10 memories
5.Taking times: One Second
6.Auto shut-off in 1min after nonuse
7.Battery : Lithium Battery(CR2032)
8.Battry life: Approx 4000takes
10.N.W.:80g(include battery)

Ready Stock: End Of Disember

Jom email sy....tq..=)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011



Kini kami datangkan produk baru dalam e-store kami.....TARAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Memperkenalkan..............UNIVERSAL GYRO BOWL.....
Bekas makanan yang boleh berpusing 360 degree...jadi makanan tidak akan tumpah sewenang-wenangnya.
Sangat sesuai utk kita bagi anak2 guna utk makan.
Jadi kita xusah risau makanan akan tumpah....lebih selamat utk anak2.

SIZE: 17*17*7.5CM

Watch the video for more:

• Kid-Proof Gyro Bowl
• Inner Bowl Rotates 360 Degrees
• Virtually Indestructible
• Saves Time, No More Cleaning
• Use it for Non-Food Items
• BPA-Free Plastic
• Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
• Not Microwave Safe

The flying saucer design - universal gyro bowl, by two rotating bowl and ring linking together, with centrifugal force-based design, even if the external handle is up and down swings, but the internal part of the bowl will be maintained and the opening will be balanced to face up, as far as possible to avoid the overflow of food. The design similar to the toys; is a good little helper for training children to eat.

RM16.00/pc only

RM6 for 1pc
RM7 for 2pc

No matter what position, the inside bowl always remain upright avoiding food to spill over.